Its recommended listen this music in silenced, darkened (in candelas) room and by the good HI-FI systems or headphones... Relax and try to fly without drink and drugs


KEGHE ETER (Cuckoo Calling) - Dup's      2,65Mb

KHAASTAR KIOTIOLLIOR (Gooses Flyings) - Dup's       3,69Mb

KIMNEEKHITIY, TUOKHTAAKHTYI? (Who Are You, What You Have?) - Dup's       1,49Mb

SIUL KEME (The Time Of Drive (Wolf) - Dup's        4,06Mb

TARDYYLAAKH  DOIDU (The Calling World) -  Tumus Mekheele & Dup's      1,18Mb

KIENG MENDEER (The Great World) - Tumus Mekheele & Dup's      4,85 Mb

DOGHOTTOR (Friends) -  Piter Petrov & Dup's      2,95Mb

KHAIDAKH_DUU (What The-ee :) - Piter Petrov & Dup's      1,83Mb

SAIYLYK (Summer Villa) - Vasily Eremeev & Dup's    3,59Mb

IJEKKEM (My Mother)  - Piter Petrov & Dup's     2,03Mb

BERGIGESTIAKH (Bergigestiakh - centre village of Gorny Uluus) - Dup's     2,28Mb

OGHONNOR TOJUGA (Old Man's Song - Khomus)  - Ivan Alexeev     1,12Mb

? (Khomus) - Shadrina   1,42Mb

SARSYN SARSYN SARSYARDA ( Tomorrow) - Sergey Zverev    2,24Mb

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